William Hamilton
Will is a healthcare valuation consultant with over a decade of experience. He has worked with non-profit and for-profit health systems, physician groups, PE and venture-backed healthcare companies, and healthcare attorneys across the United States.

He has significant experience valuing general and specialty hospitals, medical practices, outpatient facilities, home-based services, and just about every other type of healthcare service provider organizations. He also has significant experience with managed care organizations, ACOs and other multi-provider networks, and a wide variety of healthcare information technology companies.

His experience goes beyond traditional business valuation, and includes a variety of service arrangements, intangible assets, and financial instruments.

He writes and speaks frequently on healthcare valuation issues, and is the founder of Scope Research, which maintains the most comprehensive database of public, verifiable healthcare transaction market data.

In 2017, he was honored as one of NACVA's 40 Under 40 Valuation Professionals for his current and future contributions to the profession and community.

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