James O'Brien
With almost 30 years of expertise in forensic and financial consulting and accounting services, Jim has been working with attorneys, insurance companies, governmental agencies, as well as public and private corporations. Jim provides financial consulting analyses related to matters in dispute and performs investigative services that are generally related to the reconstruction of financial activity involving fraudulent financial transactions. He has used financial statements, tax returns, general ledgers and original books of entry, relevant contracts and agreements as well as industry data to carry out through financial and forensic analyses.

Jim is a recognized leader, having Co-authored Performing Credible Lost Profits Analyses, published in The Comprehensive Guide to Economic Damages (2016). He frequently lectures and presents at AICPA conferences, including the Web Series ‘'Voices of Fraud”, an AICPA Webinar.

Jim has testified in various cases that have been adjudicated across the country including New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Florida.

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