Keith Konen
Grant Thornton
Keith Konen is a Director in the Corporate Value Consulting practice of Grant Thornton LLP in Dallas and the Central Region Complex Financial Instrument team leader.


Keith possesses broad experience in the valuation of businesses and the underlying intellectual property and intangible assets, specifically complex financial instruments. Keith has substantial expertise performing valuations for companies with preferred equity financing, such as venture capital and private equity financed companies. He has extensive experience valuing complex financial instruments related to debts and equities including embedded derivatives, exotic options, interest rate swaps and other derivatives utilizing closed-form (Black-Scholes) and lattice models as well as Monte Carlo simulations.


Keith has specific expertise related to commodity derivatives. Projects range from mark-to-market valuation to complex simulations related to commodity-linked mine financing and contingent consideration. As a leader in Grant Thornton's commodity valuation practice, Keith leads the valuation of thousands of forward and option contracts annually for commodities such as oil, natural gas, gold, silver, and corn.


In addition to complex financial instruments, Keith has substantial experience with purchase price allocations and goodwill impairment testing for both private and public companies. Finally, he has performed fairness opinions and valuations for a variety of other purposes including, litigation support, transaction advisory services, tax purposes and for employee stock ownership plans. His valuations have been reviewed and accepted by all major accounting firms. Prior to his valuation career, Keith built engineering models to reconstruct vehicular accidents in support of expert testimony.

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