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BVR's 5th Annual Online Symposium on Estate & Gift Tax
Series Programs | Estate & Gift Desktop Learning Center

Through fall 2012 and winter 2013 expert business appraisers and attorneys, many of them contributing authors and editors of BVR's Guide to Business Valuation Issues in Estate & Gift Tax will join BVR for an exclusive series of webinars focusing specifically on challenges related to estate & gift taxation. From properly valuing family partnerships to understanding what regulatory changes are taking place, and may lie ahead, our presenters will cover classic considerations and emerging issues in the field.

Series subscribers will automatically receive dial-in instructions to our monthly programs and access to the Estate & Gift Desktop Learning Center, an online compendium of all past BVR webinars on tax-related issues.

There has never been a better gathering of talent and knowledge available with such ease and convenience. Register today.

Subscribers to BVR's 5th Annual Online Symposium on Estate & Gift Tax receive:

  • Automatic registration to all Estate & Gift Tax series webinars (one per month). For each event BVR will send you dial-in instructions automatically. All you have to do is show up.
  • Monthly emails highlighting what's ahead on our training calendar so you can better plan your professional development.
  • Access to the Estate & Gift Desktop Learning Center, our multimedia library of all past BVR tax-related webinars and live event presentations.

CPE Credits:

With each installment of the 5th Annual Online Symposium on Estate & Gift Tax lasting between one and two hours up to 10 CPE credits are available through the entire five-part series. Based on current program lengths, BVR projects a total of 10 CPE credits available. For more information on CPE credits please consult the webpages for our Symposium programs.

Upcoming Programs in the 5th Annual Online Symposium on Estate & Gift Tax

OD Pack BVR's 5th Annual Online Symposium on Estate & Gift Tax
Family Limited Partnerships: The Current Landscape
Tuesday, October 2, 2012
Featuring: John Porter
Non-marketable Investment Company Evaluation Method
Thursday, November 8, 2012
Featuring: William Frazier and Ashok Abbott
Using Empirical Data to Value Family Limited Partnerships
Tuesday, December 4, 2012
Featuring: Bruce Johnson
Pass-Through Entity Discounts for Built-In Capital Gains Taxes
Tuesday, January 8, 2013
Featuring: Mel Abraham and William Frazier
Recent Cases, Rulings and Interpretations in Estate & Gift Tax Valuation
Tuesday, February 5, 2013, 10:00-11:40am PT / 1:00-2:40pm ET
Featuring: Linda Trugman and L. Paul Hood

EGDLC BVR's Estate & Gift Desktop Learning Center

Since 2002 Business Valuation Resources has been the leader in business appraisal education and training, hosting the most knowledgeable expert presenters, and introducing and webinars, web workshops, and live event programming to the field. With BVR's Estate & Gift Desktop Learning Center, years of business appraisal education and thought development are now within reach at the touch of a button through our online, interactive multimedia library. Experience every program we've ever hosted on issues related to family limited partnerships, case law, s-corps, and more, view presentation and reading materials, and read a full event transcript anytime from wherever you have access to a computer.

Subscribers to the Online Symposium on Estate & Gift Damages automatically get access to the Estate & Gift Desktop Learning Center. To find out more or to view the growing index of programs available through the Estate & Gift Desktop Learning Center, click here.

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BVR's Guide to Business Valuation Issues in Estate and Gift Tax

While estate and gift tax issues is still one of the top revenue producers for business appraisers, this area of the valuation industry continues to face new challenges.

Issues such as tax-effecting S-Corporations, non-signing tax preparer penalties, and legal challenges from the IRS continue to complicate the estate and gift arena. It is crucial for appraisers practicing in this area to stay current with the legal arguments, regulations and technical theory that apply to estate and gift issues relating to the business valuation profession.

Training Passport Passport Holders
Due to the specificity and nuance of BVR's Webinar Series on Estate & Gift Tax, access to these webinars is not included in your Passport Subscription. Special discounts are available should you wish to attend these webinars or the series. For more information, contact BVR's sales department at (503) 291-7963 or info@bvresources.com.


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