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BVR's Client Newsletter Service...your ticket to expanding your business valuation practice. 
It's tough to grow your business valuation practice, but it's also lucrative and worth the investment.  It's good to keep in mind advice from those who have done it.  A content-rich newsletter, sent periodically to a core prospect list (usually to attorneys with some business owners thrown in), will do more to grow your valuation business than anything else.  It keeps your name in front of your prospects; it associates you with authoritative content (if the content is chosen wisely, from good sources); it implies an expertise your audience will require at some point; and it has shelf life, which is important as the need for your service doesn't always coincide with the delivery of your newsletter.

A gem offered by one of the foremost experts in marketing a business valuation practice recently likened the firm newsletter process to growing bamboo.  He said it takes up to 3 years under the ground for bamboo to take root and ready itself, and once it breaks through, just 3-4 months to reach full growth! 

Plan wisely. Execute consistently. Exercise patience.

Reap the benefits of our quarterly newsletter
BVR offers you three choices, each of which will launch or expand your your marketing reach and therefore your business:

  1. Custom Newsletter Program – 4 quarterly, 4-page issues, each with 3-4 meaty, but quick-read articles, designed to call attention to your expertise, your ultimate value to the attorney. The "Custom" set-up is a turn-key offering (in terms of production), available to the small practitioner who needs to get started but doesn't have a lot of time to devote to the marketing process. BVR editors choose the articles for inclusion. (A one-time $325.00 set-up fee will apply for a unique masthead design (this becomes yours), and the quarterly Custom Newsletter Program is just $187.50 per month.)

  2. Premier Newsletter Program  – 4 quarterly, 4-page issues. With the premier newsletter program, you choose the articles (up to 2,500 words) you want to include in your newsletter from a comprehensive selection provided by BVR editors. The process is simple:  you get an e-mail telling you the articles are ready; you access a portal designed just for you to read and choose the articles you want; and we build your newsletter with your selections. Your newsletter will be unique in the field. You can also include your own articles or content such as a calendar of events, interviews, ads, or “about us” blurbs.  (A one-time $325.00 set-up fee will apply for masthead design (which is yours to keep), and the quarterly Premier Newsletter Program is just $229 per month - only about $40 more a month than the Custom Newsletter Program.) 

  3. Total Content Access Program - This is the perfect option for organizations that already have a newsletter or e-zine, but need high-level, authoritative content. Top marketing experts in business valuation say the best way to success is to carve out a specialty, probably based on what you like to do and your current client list, and provide articles that display your expertise in that specialty.  The Total Content Access Program is perfect for that approach, offering 4 quarters of unlimited newsletter articles for one low price of $312 per month. You can fill your marketing newsletter with articles just in your chosen specialty each quarter, continually reinforcing your niche expertise to your prospect base.

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