April 26, 2006 Teleconference "Discounts for Lack of Marketability"

Increasingly, traditional methods of determining the Discount for Lack of Marketability are losing in Court. Use of the old reliable restricted stock study “averages” are failing. The en banc Estate of McCord decision struck down the use of Pre-IPO studies to determine discounts. And, the IRS is more aggressively challenging the ubiquitous Discount for Lack of Marketability. What is the valuator to do?

In this session, Professor Ashok Abbott, the leading academic researching the value of liquidity, and Espen Robak, the co-developer of the widely used FMV Restricted Stock Study™, present new ways of measuring the impact of illiquidity on equity value.

This session is lively, controversial and highly educational. No matter your level of expertise, you will learn something new, useful and insightful.

Speakers Include: Lance Hall as Moderator, Ashok Abbott, and Espen Robak.