Andrew Mackson
InteleK Business Valuation & Advisory
Andrew has broad industry experience in both finance and business and prides himself on his ability to effectively and efficiently communicate and build relationships with all walks of life. At a valuation level, Andrew has appraised privately held businesses across a range of industries domiciled in both Australia and the United States, with a focus on valuations for the purposes of taxation compliance (gift & estate tax) and strategic/internal planning, primarily to assist clients in understanding what an exit/liquidity event is and how best to prepare both themselves (emotionally) and their business (as a more attractive & marketable asset) utilizing valuation for such material life & business events.

After a successful career at Australia’s premier wealth manager, UBS, the entrepreneurial bug within Andrew emerged which saw him undertake his first entrepreneurial and international endeavor, investing in a tourist business in Colombia. During this time, Andrew personally brokered, purchased, improved, and ultimately sold his 50% stake within this privately held business, experiencing firsthand the impact of material valuation factors such as the ‘Covid-19 one-off’ impact upon tourism, along with discounts in the value of his ownership stake of 50% for lack of control (DLOC) and lack of marketability (DLOM). However undoubtedly, the most important lessons Andrew learned were about Colombian business and social culture, the Spanish language, and how to communicate and form relationships with those in a materially different environment to Andrew’s norm. This first-hand experience gives Andrew an edge when dealing with business owners themselves of all backgrounds, while also forming the basis for his co-founding InteleK Business Valuations & Advisory.
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