Josh Shilts
Shilts CPA, PLLC
Joshua Shilts is an accomplished financial expert with a career focused on leading forensic investigations, economic dispute resolution, internal audit, and business valuation projects. He has been involved with hundreds of forensic investigations dealing with a variety of matters involving personal and corporate disputes as well as the identification and mitigation of fraudulent activities. Clients have sought his expertise and services because of his unique industry experience and knowledge. Joshua has led multiple project teams in the implementation and design of internal control structures and processes to ensure compliance and mitigate corporate risk. His clients have benefitted from valuation services surrounding businesses and intangible assets in the context of litigation and M&A. Joshua also provides expert testimony in commercial and criminal matters surrounding business valuation, economic damages, fraud and other applicable disciplines surrounding economic and accounting issues. He has been qualified as an expert witness in State court as well as testified in Federal courts.




A focused problem-solver, Mr. Shilts thrives on the challenges and demands of his career. He tackles every client issue he encounters during his hectic days as an opportunity to solve problems for clients; as well as an opportunity to learn, grow and lead as a forensic and valuation professional.

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