Josh Shilts
Shilts CPA, PLLC
Josh Shilts is President of Shilts CPA, PLLC, providing law firms, corporations, individuals, trustees, receivers and government entities with expert analysis of financial issues resulting from judicial proceedings, regulation, and strategic decisions. To be successful in the complicated world of forensic accounting and valuation requires more than analytical and number-crunching skills. It also requires the ability to take highly technical data and communicate it in understandable language, sometimes in front of judges and juries. Josh brings this unique mix of abilities to the complex financial matters and disputes he and his talented team help resolve. Shilts is equal parts expert, accounting sleuth, and engaging and effective communicator.


Mr. Shilts has managed hundreds of forensic investigations involving civil, commercial and criminal disputes, as well as cases identifying and quantifying fraudulent or disputed activities. He has been qualified as an expert in State and Federal courts on matters involving fraud, economic damages/lost profits, solvency, valuation and other tax & accounting issues.


A focused problem-solver, Mr. Shilts thrives on the challenges and demands of his career. He tackles every client issue he encounters during his hectic days as an opportunity to solve problems for clients; as well as an opportunity to learn, grow and lead as a forensic and valuation professional.

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