Andreas Dal Santo
BlueVal Group LLC
Andreas is a Managing Director of BlueVal Group LLC and has more than twenty years of experience in investments, business valuation and management consulting.

Prior to BlueVal, Andreas has managed more than $1 billion in European, North American and Emerging Market assets for Arca Fondi, a $35 billion investment manager based in Milan. As Head of Global Emerging Markets for Arca, Andreas has invested in more than 20 countries and gained experience in business valuation in a broad range of sectors. Prior to that, he was a specialist in North American Tech, Media and Telecom investments for Arca. As a Consulting Director of Research for the New York representative office of the Italian Central Bank, and Executive Director of Solidus Capital Group, Andreas has insight into the U.S. banking sector and how monetary and fiscal policy, trade, interest and currency exchange rates affect the environment for business and managements' strategic decisions.

Andreas brings to his valuation work significant insights into emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain, and solid experience with quantitative valuation modeling and scenario analysis, such as Black Scholes, binomial option pricing and Monte Carlo simulation.

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