Ann S. Brandt
HealthCare Appraisers

Dr. Brandt specializes in valuing compensation arrangements which may have Stark and/or Anti-kickback implications. Working primarily with hospitals, pharmaceutical companies and medical device companies, Dr. Brandt leads the Firm's life sciences service line. She has specific expertise in valuing thought leader compensation and data acquisition arrangements as well as clinical trials and principal investigator compensation. In addition, she has extensive experience in providing valuation and consulting services related to co-management and physician management arrangements.

Dr. Brandt has more than twenty-five years of healthcare experience as a clinician, consultant, strategist, marketer and professor. Prior to joining HealthCare Appraisers, she served as a senior consultant specializing in healthcare information technology and process redesign at a Fortune 15 technology and consulting company. She has extensive experience in physician/hospital partnerships as well as in operational restructuring, information management and clinical transformation. In addition, she has owned and operated several healthcare-related businesses.

Dr. Brandt is an experienced presenter and has authored several articles on healthcare valuation topics.

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