Yeanoplos & Seigneur's Successful Engagements Include:

Y&S Advisory has already helped many professional service firms.   Recent successful engagements include:

  • A large West Coast regional CPA firm wanted to grow their revenues by establishing a business valuation practice.  Mr. Yeanoplos designed a strategic action plan to enable the firm to take advantage of revenue growth opportunities in the region.  Mr. Yeanoplos provided in-house technical training for all management and staff of the firm, and supervised and reviewed the work of staff members during the ramp up process.  The firm now has an established, thriving business valuation practice.

  • A large CPA firm in the Midwest was routinely involved with auditing fair value measurements, but had no one on staff with the necessary training and skills to adequately perform the necessary audit procedures.  Mr. Yeanoplos worked as a member of the audit team to develop audit procedures for fair value measurements, and provided in-house training and supervision to the audit staff.  He continues to consult with the firm on fair value issues.

  • A CPA involved in a dissolution of marriage proceeding was asked to value certain oil and gas royalty and working interests as part of the marital estate.  The appraiser, who had limited experience and training in these areas, turned to Ron Seigneur for guidance on how to value these assets, and for referrals to recognized petroleum engineers who regularly value oil and gas holdings for litigation purposes.

  • A large East Coast regional CPA firm wanted to develop an exit strategy for its partners. After discussions with the principals, Mr. Yeanoplos helped them to develop a shareholder agreement that enabled departing shareholders to be rewarded for past efforts while maintaining the firm’s ability to grow and thrive. Similarly, Mr. Seigneur was retained to mediate the dissolution of a professional services firm and oversee the winding up of the firm’s financial affairs.

  •  A law firm with roughly 30 attorneys and 10 equity shareholders, engaged Mr. Seigneur to guide the firm in redesigning the shareholder compensation system.  Mr. Seigneur, a prior legal administrator for a 50-attorney Denver law firm, drew on experience in similar engagements and his work with well over 300 professional services firms over the past 30 years.

  • A CPA firm specializing in financial forensics, business appraisal and related services, contacted Mr. Seigneur to assist in the timely completion of an ESOP valuation analysis and report.   Mr. Seigneur’s firm was able to work with the client and the client’s ESOP legal counsel to resolve certain issues regarding the establishment of the ESOP plan and otherwise provide the client with the resources necessary to comply with the plan’s annual reporting requirements.

  • Mr. Seigneur has been retained by the office of the Attorney General of Colorado to consult on professional malpractice matters being investigated by the Colorado State Board of Accountancy.

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