Advanced Workshop on Determining Volatility and Market Yield: Developing Inputs for the Valuation of Options and Debt Securities

In valuing both options and debt securities, appraisers face the challenge of providing a valuation that will account for market changes. As with other valuation assignments, this requires the analyst to synthesize current and historical market data into a cogent argument about the future. And, as with other valuation assignments, a number of methods and tools are available for this purpose. Ensuring their proper application, however, along with a correct analysis of their implementation and output can mean the difference between a defensible valuation and certain disaster.

The Advanced Workshop on Determining Volatility and Market Yield addresses these challenges and the best practices for their resolution in an intensive, four-hour interactive setting. Featuring experts David Dufendach, Oksana Westerbeke, and Jared Hannon, the workshop examines what analysts can learn from the marketplace and how to put it to use for the valuation of both options debt securities. With guidance from best practices and professional standards, listeners will learn when and how to put these methods to use.

"It's a big help for those of us working in a specialist firm to hear how the valuation groups at the big accounting firms are working through complex valuation topics. For us to be able to hear a lucid and thoughtful discussion on how to go about thinking through important valuation inputs and models and to see application and to hear commentary about the applicable guidance are all very helpful to the valuation process on our end and ultimately the review process. The presentation's in-depth coverage facilitates incorporation of these concepts and enhances our thinking around these complex valuation issues."

-Robert Barnett, CFA, Valuation Research Corporation

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