Warren Burkholder
FP Transitions

Prior to thirty years as a business broker and appraiser Warren spent over 20 years in industry. He was President of the Cadbury North America division of Cadbury Schweppes and built Cadbury's first USA chocolate factory in Pennsylvania. As President of Curtis Candy he managed the third largest USA candy bar business featuring such market successes as Baby Ruth and Butterfinger. He started his career with Procter & Gamble in a couple of their west coast factories after graduating from University of California Berkeley in Chemical Engineering.

In the last 30 years founded Merrimack Business Appraisers, New England Venture Resource Group and several other service and technology based companies. He is past Chair of the Qualification Review committee of the IBA, past Regional Governor of IBA. He is current Chair-Elect of the International Business Brokers Association, past chair of the IBBA Education Committee, and twice recipient of Chairman’s Award for his work in IBBA Education programs.

He has been consulting with FP Transition for the last two years as a Valuation Consultant. FP Transitions is the largest broker and appraiser of Investment Advisory firms in the US. The company is located in Lake Oswego, Oregon a short commute from his home in Portland.