James Hitchner
Financial Valuation Advisors

James R. Hitchner is Managing Director of Financial Valuation Advisors, President of The Financial Consulting Group and CEO of Valuation Products & Services. He is also Editor in Chief of Financial Valuation and Litigation Expert journal.

Mr. Hitchner is editor/coauthor of the books Financial Valuation: Applications and Models (FVAM), second edition; Financial Valuation Workbook (FVW), second edition, and Valuation for Financial Reporting, Fair Value Measurements and Reporting: Intangible Assets, Goodwill, and Impairment (VFR), second edition, all published by Wiley. He is also coauthor of PPC's Guide To Business Valuations, 18th edition, published by Thomson. FVAM and FVW have been adopted by the AICPA for its five-day National Business Valuation School courses and by NACVA for its three-day Advanced Business Valuation courses. VFR is the required text for the ASA's new course BV301 Valuation of Intangible Assets for Financial Reporting Purposes.

Mr. Hitchner has been recognized as a qualified expert witness and has provided testimony on valuations in numerous state and federal courts. He has spent 27 years in valuation services and has coauthored 20 courses, taught over 60 courses, published over 60 articles, and has made over 100 conference presentations. He is also an inductee in the AICPA Business Valuation Hall of Fame. He was also one of only four members of the AICPA Business Valuation Standards Writing Task Force and served for the entire six years up to the June 2007 official release of the standards.

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