Thayne Forbes
Intangible Business Ltd.

Thayne Forbes' main focus is on providing brand valuation, strategy and development services as Joint Managing Director and co founder of Intangible Business Limited,, which was established in 2001. Prior to this Thayne worked for Brand Finance plc, Arthur Andersen and Binder Hamlyn. His qualifications are:

He is also a member of the Academy of Experts (1996), a member of the Society of Expert Witnesses (1996), and a member of the Expert Witness Institute (2001). Thayne is also accredited as a forensic accountant and expert witness by The Institute of Chartered Accountants in England & Wales (2010).

Thayne has carried out over 100 intangible asset valuations for financial reporting, disputes, business development and insolvency purposes.

Thayne has advised on many disputes since 1988 either as expert witness, or supporting expert witnesses for High Court proceedings, County Court proceedings, the Competition Appeal Tribunal, Arbitrations, proceedings in Courts overseas, expert determinations and mediations. He has also carried out several expert determinations as a result of his appointment as the independent expert by the President of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales. Thayne have given evidence in Court as an expert witness and has attended Court to give support and advice to counsel. He has also attended mediations as expert witness.

Thayne speaks at international forums on the valuation of intangible assets, including at a conference in Geneva by the United Nations and the World Intellectual Property Association, in Siena by The School of Biotech of the University of Siena, and also in London on training courses given by IASeminars, JSB and Hawksmere. He is quoted from time to time, and his articles are published, in the trade and national press. Thayne was an industry judge for the IPA (the industry body and professional institute for leading advertising, media and marketing communications agencies in the UK) for their Advertising Effectiveness Awards in 2008.

Thayne has worked in all major sectors, with many major clients including Fortune Brands, Laura Ashley, TimeWarner, Vodafone and Woolmark.