Nicolle DeLiso
Vertical IQ

Nicolle worked for a regional bank in the southeast for more than 13 years before joining the Vertical IQ team. On the administrative side, Nicolle was the product manager for Vertical IQ and championed its integration into scorecards, training curriculums, CRMs, and sales strategies. In the field, Nicolle got firsthand experience using Vertical IQ as a Financial Center Leader, Small Business and Small Commercial lender, and in the Workplace Banking program.

In 2017, Nicolle brought her financial services knowledge and experience to Vertical IQ—elevating training to best in class. Because Nicolle has both managed and used the tool, she is especially familiar with practical applications, common objections, and the keys to successful adoption. She can speak the language of financial professions and knows how VIQ platform features align to just about any role and for any purpose.