Mikhail Munenzon
InteleK Business Valuation & Advisory

Mikhail is an expert in finance with a broad range of academic and professional experience gained over more than 20 years in the industry and global markets. His focus is on complex valuations and valuations of complex instruments for property tax, M&A, litigation, partnership disputes, portfolio investment valuation, and fair value measurements (e.g., ASC 820) and other purposes, including public and private securities, complex securities, and Monte Carlo simulations.

His clients included multiple members of the Fortune 500 list who faced complex compliance and litigation risks, including multi-million dollar valuation disputes with city, state, and country tax authorities.

He also serves as a Professor of Finance at Illinois Wesleyan University (one of the top liberal arts universities in the Midwest), where he brings his practitioner perspective to his teaching and mentoring of students on financial statement analysis, investments, portfolio management, valuation, and other topics. He is teaching state-of-the-art practitioner tools at the recently endowed Bloomberg Finance Lab, which he is managing.

He has also successfully conducted and published his research, ranking him in the top 2% of authors of the Social Science Research Network (SSRN), the largest research publishing platform for the social sciences. His research can be found here.

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