Zachary Reichenbach
Ellin & Tucker
As a Manager in Ellin & Tucker's Forensic and Valuation Services Group and member of the firm since 2008, Zach's experience includes providing expert testimony in Federal court and providing litigation services for domestic and international commercial damage and valuation engagements. He has worked on hundreds of cases ranging from simple contract disputes involving thousands of dollars to complex litigation, where the claims being sought millions of dollars. Zach specializes in complex commercial damages, valuation, intellectual property, and forensic accounting assignments. His industry experience includes, among others, multi-national conglomerates, insurance, real estate, manufacturing, construction, technology, bio-tech, wholesale, retail and transportation.

Zach has extensive experience in preparing and defending damage claims in matters involving breach of contract, intellectual property and other matters. He has prepared damage models for both lost profits and lost value damage measurements. Zach has developed lost profits, lost value, reasonable royalty rates and other damage measurements for various matters. In addition, he has provided attorney case assistance to facilitate the discovery process, developed case strategy, reviewed and critiqued expert's opinions and analyzed experts' positions.

The valuation of privately held equity and debt, as well as complex options and derivative securities for clients, is another one of Zach's specialties. He has performed valuations in relation to shareholder disputes, mergers and acquisitions, estate and gift tax matters, employee stock options, intellectual property, bankruptcy, domestic disputes, and financial statement reports. Zach is well-versed in the valuation of limited partnership/member interests for family limited partnerships and limited liability companies owning real estate or other interests for estate and gift tax planning. He has also worked on ample domestic matters which include valuation of marital and non-marital property and determination of personal and enterprise goodwill. Zach has provided litigation support services in valuation matters in the courts referred to above. In a recent matter, he represented a plaintiff, a former contractor, in a dispute involving the valuation of stock options in the defendant's business. The matter settled on favorable terms to the plaintiff after Zach's deposition. In another matter, Zach assisted plaintiff's counsel in a shareholder dispute involving a minority interest in a large privately held company. He determined fair value of the minority interest and the case settled prior to arbitration.