Jeffrey L. Baliban
NYU | School of Professional Studies

Jeff Baliban is a frequent speaker on valuation matters, including previous presentations through BVResources.  Jeff’s practice has, for more than four decades, focused on resolving complex commercial disputes by providing independent evaluation studies of economic impact on the various parties involved. He has devoted considerable study to how changes in internal operations, external market factors, and other anomalous events affect business profits and business value.  Jeff is often asked to render independent opinions on historical and future losses of profit, the valuation of businesses and other income producing assets, solvency issues, intellectual property disputes, shareholder disputes, unjust enrichment, and many other accounting and economic matters.  His clients have come to include a diverse group of corporations and their counsel, and he has, on numerous occasions, provided testimony as an expert witness in accounting, economics, business valuation, and other financial matters in various federal and state jurisdictions as well as in arbitration.  He has been involved as an expert in several large, celebrated fraudulent transfer matters, including The Tribune, LyondellBasell, and AIG Financial Products, as well as many other solvency matters.  He currently teaches statistics at NYU’s School of Professional Studies in the graduate Integrated Marketing program.

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