Courtney Sparks White
Blue Sky Valuation
Coming from a family of entrepreneurs (and golfers), Courtney learned that focus and determination drive success. This firsthand knowledge created vision and purpose for her practice: to help people make better decisions.

Courtney's degrees in math and economics led her into the valuation world immediately from college where she has focused her career ever since. A Capital Law School graduate, her legal training has informed the way she thinks and analyzes facts. As well, it enables her to understand complex financial situations and develop solutions that are clear and understandable. She prides herself on asking the right questions to truly understand and uncover a business' value and provide practical and logical valuations.

Courtney works with lenders, business owners, family law attorneys, estate planning attorneys, tax and business attorneys, among others, when there is a need for valuing a closely-held business or taking the stress out of complex financial matters. Her valuation services include Small Business Administration (SBA) loans; family law matters; succession and family wealth planning (estate & gift valuations); and business planning and decision making (buy-sell agreement consulting, analysis of potential transactions, shareholder transactions). She has valued small and large companies in a wide array of industries and provides expert and consulting services regarding shareholder disputes and financial aspects of family law matters.

Courtney is oftentimes hired as a component of a divorce litigation team. As the financial expert, she can help uncover unreported income and assets, value the closely-held business(es), prove claims of separate property, provide guidance on tax consequences for the divorcing parties, and testify in court. Her divorce accounting services include business valuation; summary of assets & liabilities; separate property tracing; summary of income; spousal and child support calculations; forensic accounting; and expert witness testimony.

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